Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Verse Life

Free Verse Life

What can there be seen down a dark and empty hole?
Nothing, he says, nothing at all.
But in truth the man did see something.
Something so big, to some it may seem small.

It felt to him almost rust as he picked it up,
A rock, and dropped it down the hole.
Hitting the sides of the well, making a significant splash,
That, he said, down that, is my goal.

Hands on his hips, he looked high.
The sun in his eyes, and took a breath,
He closed his eyes, and felt the trickling sweat,
Down that, he thought, that is certain death.

He breathed again, and opened his eyes,
Looked back and saw all but shifting sands,
A desert, and his mind went blank,
Can’t be worse than these cracked hands.

Staring, staring, seeing absolutely nothing.
All there was was a bush, five inches long.
Nothing, as far as the horizon.
How could what I’m doing be wrong?

He wore his best clothing,
A deep blue jacket, with red lining.
Wrecked shoes, but still dirt all over.
The space looks so confining…

The sound of water was reassuring,
He holds his breath, about to jump,
Closes his eyes, in hopes of gaining hope.
Breathing out, I’m just a sad lump.

The taste of blood on his lip,
Biting it this whole time?
Or was it the desert heat? What does he think?
All that down there could be mine.

Pulls back his hair and looks up,
Sees an eagle, close enough,
Close enough to see its expression.
What do you want? What!

Blinded by anger, he looks back.
To others it may seem a forest,
Abundant with opportunity.
That thought got me stuck here, what a test.

But it’s time for me to leave this place.
Leave it for good.
Because I see a forest of my own,
A great abundant wood.
You may think I’m crazy,
Not even I know how I can tell.
Goodbye he says,
And jumps into the well.

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