Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yeah, it's been a while, I know. What happened since then, a lot and nothing. Life is taking its course and sometimes I wonder if destiny plays any role in the decisions that we take for ourselves.
Emotionally I think that I am really getting past the point where I believe in feelings and love, at the level woman and man. I got to many disappointing experiences that I really think that love is just a funny joke that God is playing on us.
I think that long term relationships are very over rated but at the same time I realize that life is short and we are getting old fast. We are getting to the point when we realize that we will die the same way we came into this life, which is alone, helpless and with a mind of a baby. Sometimes we want to escape from this trap and we try to find comfort in having someone with us so we are not alone. As humans we are afraid of loneliness. I think that the solution is in fact right in front of our eyes. One should always train to end up alone. There are no people in this life in which you can put your 100% trust.

Be strong my friend because loneliness is a bitch, but it can be tamed :)