Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today is my BDay…yay I made thru another year and they seem to pile up pretty fast. I remember reading in some book that we are prone to live our lives around the same people that we encounter in our other lives as wives, husbands, brothers and sisters. When I was just a young pimpled kid in my junior year in highschool, one of my school mates came to me with this very complicated chart where you could calculate what and who where you in your previous life based on the day and time of birth mixed with astrology and blood type I believe. Of course I took it as a joke, but for some strange reason that stayed buried in my memory all these years. I came out as a fisherman in India, which was very odd at the time because I always loved Japan and not India. I expected with my fingers crossed that I will come out as a fierce samurai warrior in medieval Japan. Instead, I came as a fisherman in a poor village in India under the scorching sun of the Hindu gods sometime in the first 1000 years of the known history.

After living in some European countries and managing to get to the North American continent I was always attracted by the West Coast where my inner desire of meeting people from the other side of the globe grew stronger and stronger in me. I didn’t choose California because it is too Hispanic for my taste, so I settled for my beloved NorthWest, where the sky is grey and the trees are green.

For the past few years I am indeed surrounded by Indians and Asian people, not as many Asians as in Vancouver Canada, where they are in proportion of 80% but a fair share. Amongst Indian people many times I feel like home. They have the good, the bad and also the ugly – remember Clint Eastwood ha, ha. Leaving the joking aside, they don’t feel like strangers to me, they feel so familiar that is scary sometimes. If I met one that is cunning and sneaky, there is an absolute 100% chance that in the next few days I will meet at least two or three that are absolutely nice and caring. I stopped generalizing these peeps long time ago because is really impossible to generalize them.

Asia is still a mysterious continent to me. I feel the call of knowing this part of the world. My busy life never allowed me to even dream about going, visiting and knowing my probable past life lands; however now, I see my life getting shorter and my spiritual endeavor is unfinished. The call of Asia is in me and this year I start a new chapter in my life…the Asian chapter….