Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who am I?

Everytime when I feel that I've learned my lesson I am shown by faith that maybe I am still a novice and that I should continue learning. Undoubtably my human nature makes me always think of people based on their background despite my huge efforts to think otherwise. I am educating myself to take people as they are as individuals and not otherwise...isn't that the reason why I left Europe, where individualism is close to inexistent. Each person IS a person regardless where they come from and thousands of times I was proven right in this aspect. Because of our human weakness we can't stop blaming an entire group of people for bad things happening to us and that is wrong, the saddest part is that we realize is wrong however sometimes we are still thinking it. The solution to this issue I found it in my own life by always lending a shoulder to lean on to people who you otherwise would qualify on the " black list" so to speak. A very dear Indian friend, younger than me I should add, but much wiser, opened my eyes many times in how to look at people - thank you my friend, your wisdom is always missed....

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  1. :) Your experience of life, places and people is so vast...even your experience is missed buddy!