Thursday, February 9, 2012


Very wise teachings from a Shinto teacher " I would say that the purpose of life is to make peace with yourself. In the same kind of environment, one may feel happy and satisfied and another may be unhappy with full of complaints. When you look at an infant, it’s easy to see. In one room, there are many fun toys. One child is playing happily by himself. One child is crying without touching any of the toys. One child might be just chasing after other boys. They all act differently in the same environment. We all experience many different things in our lives. We tend to blame it on the looks, job, talent, destiny… but the real cause isn’t any of these. These factors are changeable.

Whether you are happy or not is determined by how close you live truthfully to your good will (innate god). Good jobs, good looks, etc., doesn’t make you change in a better way. That is an illusion. No matter how many things you attain, your complaints and anxiety will not be erased. No matter how your situation is, if you are in harmony with your true heart, feeling grateful that you are led to live, you will be able to satisfy yourself. And when you are in harmony with the goodness of your heart, you will attract true fortune. "

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